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I had a conversation this week that would have made me angry if it were not so tragic and heartbreaking. I have heard this or very similar conversations many times … Paraphrased it goes something like this … an individual finds a faith based, mainstream church … Begins attending … Begins to make close, heartfelt relationships … Time passes … Friendships are made … Tithes are paid … Prayers are prayed … Attendance is regular … Bible studies are attended … Individual is faithful and serious about God and wants to become more involved in the church and ministry out reaches of said church … Wants to be allowed to do things like sing in the choir, help feed the homeless, volunteer time in the food pantry.  So this person goes to church leadership to determine how one becomes more involved … Only to be told they CANNOT until they are SAVED. The leader of the church bases this lack of Salvation on one thing and one thing only … This individual asking to become a servant is part of the gay community.

Now if this were a non-gay individual living with a girlfriend or boyfriend outside of marriage would their lack of Salvation be assumed and a disqualifying factor … In fact it would not and is not … This is evident in the congregation population … If this individual was a divorced person or an unfaithful spouse would their lack of Salvation be assumed and a disqualifying factor … In fact it would not and is not … This is also evident in the congregation population.  But because a person is gay they are not saved and cannot be a servant to others.  PS you cannot become a member either, but we will gladly continue to accept your 10% tithe and offering.

So now this individual is made to feel unworthy … Is made to feel less than … Is made to feel unwanted … Like Grace is for everyone, EXCEPT those who are gay. Consequently this individual no longer has a church home … A faith based safety net … and somehow we are supposed to drink the Kool-Aid and believe Jesus Christ is ok with this? That Jesus died on the cross for this? That Jesus looks down from heaven and looks at His Father and says I am so proud of my people who are called by my name … they are EXCLUDING all those for whom my death was not sufficient … NOT!!!

How can people who identify as Christians get this SO wrong? How can other Christians be so SILENT?  How can people be so comfortable showing such a distorted reflection of Christ?

Many of these very same Christians want to know why individuals are leaving the church or showing no interest in getting to know Christ … Honestly I want nothing to do with their Christ either … In fact rather than stating I am a Christian … I now say I believe Jesus Christ was and is EXACTLY who He claimed to be and is exactly who He continues to claim He is … I am not a Christian … I am a Christ follower … I strive daily to be more Christ like and introduce more people to my best friend and Savior … But I want NO part of being a Christian by their definition … On that point let me be crystal clear.